The Iris Garden

Irises are beautiful perennial flowers and easy to grow.
Although they are not hard to grow, irises have specialized needs.

First you need to prepare the soil (it shouldn’t be soggy). If your garden has a sandy soil, do not forget to add compost. Buy the rhizomes and plant them, but they should be barely covered with soil. Damaged leaves need to be removed in the spring.
Do not forget that diseases can reduce the number of flowers or even kill the plants, so try to prevent diseases (clean up dead material, give plants enough space and light)

Iris varieties:
• Bearded iris
• Japanese iris
• Siberian iris
• Champagne Elegance iris
• Iris danfordiae
• Louisiana iris
• Iris chrysographes

Irises should have full sun or very light shade and a well drained soil.

Ensata Fleckled GeishaEnsata Flecked Geisha



IrisIris garden


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