How To Choose a Magnolia?

There is no spring without magnolias.
Magnolias are ancient plants and they were used in traditional Asian medicine.
Evergreen or deciduous? Which one should you choose?

Evergreen magnolias love to be planted in warmer climates, with mild temperatures in winter, and deciduous magnolias are cold resistant.
The Saucer Magnolia looks amazing in my garden. Its flowers bloom in the early spring and create a spectacular view in the garden.
A good choice for your garden would be also Magnolia Stellata (star magnolia). Its flowers appear in the early spring and are resistant to frost.

Before you start planting your amazing magnolia tree, you should know that there are many magnolia species that differ in color, size, shape and type of habitat.
Magnolia trees grow quite large (from 15 feet tall to 80 feet) and they can even live more than 100 years.
Please note that magnolias prefer a well drained and rich soil.

A few varieties:

• Anise Magnolia
• Lily Magnolia
• Kobus Magnolia
• Star Magnolia
• Saucer Magnolia
• Umbrella Magnolia

Flower of magnolia can be white, purple, pink, yellow or green.
The good news is that you won’t have any problems with disease problems, since magnolia is resistant to most diseases and infections.

magnoliaSaucer Magnolia

white magnoliaKobus Magnolia

sweetbay magnoliaAnise Magnolia

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