10 Facts about Tulips

Tulips are amazing spring flowers and the most popular flowers in the world.
Tulips live in temperate climate and come in different shades of orange, yellow, red, pink and violet.
They can be classified in 3 categories:

  • early flowering tulips – these bloom in March and early April
  • midseason flowering tulips – these bloom in April and early May
  • late flowering tulips – these bloom in May

Tulips are easy to grow.
You have to select the location for planting and prepare the soil by removing weeds. Plant the bulbs 6-8″ apart.

10 interesting facts:

1. There are 3.000 varieties of tulips.
2. “Queen of the Night” is the most famous tulip.
3. Tulips are native to Central Asia.
4. The tulip is the national flower in Turkey and Iran.
5. In the 1600s, the tulips crashed the economy.
6. At one point, the tulip was the most expensive flower in the world.
7. Some parts of the tulip are edible.
8. Albany plants each year more than 200.000 bulbs and has one of the largest tulip festivals.
9. Tulip petals are used in a lot of recipes.
10. Tulips symbolize declaration of love, dreaminess and imagination.


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