Budget Ideas for Your Garden

You want a dream garden, but you have a restricted budget?
You don’t have to win the lottery or to break the bank to have a marvelous and unique garden. You just have to be creative and to find ways to make your garden pretty and interesting.
Don’t throw everything away! Plants look very good in small pots, jars or glasses.

What can you use?

  • Purses, small tote bags and other handbags
  • Plastic beach toys, sand buckets
  • Plastic, metal or wooden buckets
  • Storage baskets
  • Water cans
  • Old suitcases, make-up cases
  • Old metal paint cans
  • Old bird cages
  • Old wicker, wooden or plastic chairs
  • Old shoes
  • Old bathtubs


water cans1


7 thoughts on “Budget Ideas for Your Garden

  1. It’s amazing how easy it is to get free plants as well! My mom taught me the value of just asking. Gardeners generally love to show off their gardens and share. If my mom was driving down a street and saw an Iris or some other “dividable” plant that she loved, she would knock on their door, and people were more than happy to let her come back and get a start, She has an amazing Iris garden now…and now it’s my turn 😉

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