The Gardens at Château d’Amboise

The Château d’Amboise is located in Indre-et-Loire, Loire Valley and is registered as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.
The château was built on a promontory and became the favourite of French kings.
It was constructed in the 11th century by Fulk Nerra, the Count of Anjou. The château was improved over time and in the 15th century was seized by Charles VII.

The château also served as a prison, but the most dramatic period in the château history was in the 16th century during the Wars of Religion, when 1.200 protestants were hung from the château walls. The château was damaged during the French Revolution and has been restored by King Louis-Philippe.
The Château d’Amboise was damaged also in World War II. It is still owned by the descendants of King Louis Philippe.

The château has compact gardens, which were the first in France laid out in the formal style, known as “the Formal French Style”.
You will find here a wonderful Lebanese cedar, jasmine, rosemary, cyprus, laurel and buxus globes.

Leonardo da Vinci came to Château d’Amboise in December 1515 and spent here the last 3 years of his life in Clos Lucé, as a guest of King Francis I. Leonardo da Vinci died on 2 May, 1519 and his remains can be found in the Chapel of Saint-Hubert.


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