Reasons To Plant Colorful Pansy Flowers

Pansies are one of the oldest cultivated flowers in history and in the 19th century they were even used in “love potions”.
The pansy flower is a member of the Viola family, with five petals and a delicate scent you will simply adore.

Pansies are easy to grow.
Pansies are disease resistant and they like cooler climates. They bloom in early spring, late fall and early winter. They prefer full to partial sun.
Do not forget to water them once or twice a week!

Pansies look beautiful in garden beds or containers and they will add a burst of color to your lovely garden.
Pansies come in a wide variety of colors: pink, yellow, white, blue, with black lines radiating from the center. I tend to say that pansies look like a “face”.

As a fun fact: pansies are edible and they have a minty flavor. The petals are used in potpourri.DSC04947DSC04946DSC04945DSC04951DSC04948

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