The Amazing Lilac Flowers

The fragrance of the lilac flower is probably the main reason why people adore them.
The lilacs are known as Syringa and belong to the Oleaceae family (family which contains plants such as Olive, Jasmine and Privet). Lilacs are native to southeastern and eastern Asia, but they grow now in temperate climates.
Lilacs are edible and they are also used in perfumes, soaps and other cosmetics.

The lilac flowers come in a variety of colors: purple, blue, pale yellow, pink, white and red. The purple lilac has the strongest scent.
They grow from 2m to 10 m in height, but it depends on the variety.
The lilac flowers is the spring. The warmer the spring, the earlier they will bloom.

The lilac is easy to grow and needs little maintenance. They can even live for hundreds of years.
Lilacs prefer a well-drained, humus-rich, neutral to slightly alkaline soil. You can add also compost after planting. Do not forget that lilacs prefer full sun (at least 6 hours). During summer make sure to give lilacs plenty of water.

Purple lilacs signify first love and white lilacs represent youthful innocence. In Lebanon, Greece and Cyrus, the lilac is a symbol of Easter.
Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew lilacs in their gardens.


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