How to Recycle Bottles for Garden Edging

Do you love wine? Perfect.
Me too :-).
But what do we do with all the wine bottles?

Every year we throw out a lot of glass bottles, which could be reused in our garden.
Very simple. We can edge our garden with wine bottles. A wine bottle edging is a unique, attractive, colorful, clever and inexpensive way to reuse and recycle all that wine you have drank last night.

Take your large collection of wine bottles (or any type of bottle) and remove the plastic on the neck. You can remove also the label on the wine bottles, but it is not necessary. Rinse the wine bottles before you put them in your garden. You can even mix the wine bottle colors, sizes and shapes.
Than you have to dig a trench about 8 inches deep. For a solid wall you can even place an aluminum flashing in the trench.
Bury the wine bottles bottom-side up. The neck of each wine bottle should be placed below the soil surface.
Do not forget to fill with dirt around the wine bottles and then tamp down the dirt with your hands.

Let’s do a simple and colorful garden edging!

wine bottle edgingbottle1bottlegarden-border



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