5 Interesting Facts About Orchids

Who doesn’t love orchids?
We are all fascinated by their varying shapes and colors.

It is almost unbelievable, but there are more than 25.000 species of orchid. Scientists even think that there are more flower species in the tropical areas. Orchids come in different shapes, colors and sizes, which make them even more fascinating.
With so much variety, it is no surprise that almost everybody has an orchid at home.

Orchids are quite adaptable. They can grow in different tropical countries, except the very cold climates.
If you have a beautiful orchid in your house, do not let sit in a waterlogged pot, because this could kill the orchid.
Do not forget to water them once a week!

Here are some interesting facts about orchids:

  1. The Bulbophyllum nocturnum orchid, descovered in Papua New Guinea, blooms exclusively at night.
  2. The Vanilla plant is a variety of orchid.
  3. Orchids were used in medicine: they can cure fevers, headaches, coughts, wounds, aches and more.
  4. Orchids have bilateral symmetry, like human faces.
  5. The Ophrys scolopax (called the Bee orchid) was found around the Mediterranean. The flower looks like a female bee and produce a smell which attracts the male bees.

There is still so much to discover about orchids!

OrchidOrchidOrchid DSC04972 DSC04975 DSC04978

10 thoughts on “5 Interesting Facts About Orchids

  1. There is some thing so captivating about them too. They hold your gaze and invite you to ponder, of all the flowers that I love these Orchids would have to come in my top 5.

    Great post loved it thank you 🙂

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