The Amazing Jibou Botanical Garden

Who said there aren’t beautiful botanical gardens in Romania?
The Jibou Botanical Garden “Vasile Fati” is situated in Jibou, a small city in Salaj county. Although it is a small city, you may find here one of the most beautiful and well maintained botanical gardens in Romania.

The botanical garden was established in 1968 by Vasile Fati, a biology teacher.
The botanical garden is situated in the Wesselényi ensemble and represents a great tourist attraction. It is situated at an altitude of 272 meters and has over 5.000 plant species.
After 1948, the Wesselényi castle was used as a school. Vasile Fati was a biology teacher at the school and he made efforts to create here a botanical garden. His dream became reality in 1968, when the works were started.

The botanical garden is organized in compartments. You will find here:

  • Research greenhouses
  • A zoological park
  • An aquarium
  • A marvelous Japanese garden

The first greenhouse was built between 1968 and 1970. Two other greenhouses, the volar and the aquarium were built between 1978 and 1982.
In the greenhouses you may find tropical and subtropical plants, orchids, Mediterranean plants, Australian plants, fern species and over 750 species of cactus. The volar accommodates specimens of Zamia, Ceratozamia, Cycas and palm trees.
The aquarium accommodates the lotus Victoria Amazonica, the Cane and the Cocoa Tree.

Let’s visit Romania!

The Jibou Botanical GardenThe Jibou Botanical GardenThe Jibou Botanical GardenThe Jibou Botanical GardenThe Jibou Botanical GardenThe Jibou Botanical Garden

8 thoughts on “The Amazing Jibou Botanical Garden

  1. The Jibou Botanical Garden (Romanian: Grădina Botanică a Institutului de Cercetări Biologice din Jibou), now named after its founder, Vasile Fati (1932-2007), is a botanical garden located in Jibou, Romania.

    The Botanical Garden is situated in the north-east side of Jibou, on the second bank of Someș River. The Botanical Garden has a surface of 25 acres (10 ha) and has been arranged inside the architectural ensemble at the Wesselényi residence beginning with the year 1968.

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