How to Grow a Star of Bethlehem Plant

Did you know that Ornithogalum dubium is called Star of Bethlehem?
Well, me neither.

I was going to the flower shop to buy a Sempervivum and there I saw it. Star of Bethlehem fascinated me.
This South African brilliant orange and long-blooming plant makes your garden even more beautiful.
Star of Bethlehem blooms in late spring or early summer and the flowers are yellow to orange and white.

There are more than 120 species in Africa, western Asia and Europe.
You can grow Ornithogalum dubium from bulbs or seed. The bulbs should be planted in spring or fall in a well-drained soil. Bulbs need to be planted 4″ deep. Ornithogalum species can grow in sunny, but also shady areas.
Do not forget to water well when in growth, but do not over water them.

If you would like to grow Ornithogalum dubium from seeds then you should sow the seeds in flats in the spring. Cover the flat with a plastic bag and put it in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. After that, the flat should be sunk into the ground of your garden. Ornithogalum dubium seeds will germinate from 1 to 6 months.
Unfortunately, Ornithogalum dubium grown from seed will bloom only after 3-4 years.

Soil fertilization should be done in April-May.
Ornithogalum dubium is resistant to pests and diseases.

Enjoy the beauty of this wonder flower!

Star of Bethlehem Star of BethlehemStar of Bethlehem Star of Bethlehem

6 thoughts on “How to Grow a Star of Bethlehem Plant

  1. Bring a touch of Africa to your yard with the brilliant orange Ornithogalum dubium. Commonly called star of Bethlehem, orange star flower, snake flower or chincherinchee, this South African bulb is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture planting zones 7 through 11, and can be enjoyed as a tender bulb or a potted plant elsewhere. The plant grows up to a foot tall and blooms with clusters of 15 to 20 small six-petaled blossoms on 12 to 15-inch stems in spring. Orange star flower makes an attractive rock garden or woodland plant where they can naturalize in a site that receives full sun

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