Ibiza – So Much More Than Just a Party Island

Who didn’t hear about the famous parties in Ibiza?
But what do we know about the plants of Ibiza?

Ibiza is fascinating and full of surprises.
The flora is special and influenced by the Mediterranean climate. The soil is rich in limestone and low in organic humus and matter. 40% of the island is covered with forests of junipers and pines.
Junipers grow on dry and rocky soils and their wood is often used for making window frames, doors and other architectural elements. You will be amazed also by the oaks, fig trees, orange trees, palm trees, almond trees and olives.
The almond trees have a special meaning for the people of Ibiza. When the trees are covered in white or pink flowers, everybody knows that the spring is around the corner.

The island has a unique vegetation.
The vegetation is formed by local species, which are very resistant to extreme conditions.
You may find here the Sea Fennel, Sea Violet, Juniperus phoenicea, Alepo Pines, Rock Roses, Pistacea Lentiscus, Rosmarinus Oficinalis, Foeniculum Vulgare, Calicotome Spinosa, Lavandula Dentata, Gladiolus Illyricus, Helichrysum Stoechas, Borago Officinalis, Erica Multiflora, Capparis Ovata, Thymus Capitatus Frigola, Dark Bee Orchid.

You will be fascinated by the beautiful perfumed flowers!


IbizaIbizaIbizaIbiza Ibiza

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