5 Tools Every Gardener Should Have

Garden tools are indispensable for every gardener.
But how do you know what tools should you buy?

If you are maintaining a beautiful garden with flowers or a large vegetable garden, you will realize that you need many garden tools.
Garden tools come in different shapes and sizes, so I am sure that you will find the perfect garden tools.

Every gardener needs a good spade, which is perfect for edging beds, moving soil, removing sod or digging planting holes for plants.

SpadeDigging fork
They are used for dividing perennials or loosening compacted soil.

Digging forkHand trowel
These garden tools are used for planting herbs, vegetables, small annuals or for planting container gardens.

My old trowel.Loppers
Loppers are perfect for pruning smaller tree limbs.

These are great for cleaning out beds and raking autumn leaves.

RakeIt is important to buy quality tools.
Quality tools are superior, fine, strong, made from the highest quality metals and have a lifetime warranty.

What is your favorite garden tool?

24 thoughts on “5 Tools Every Gardener Should Have

  1. My favourite garden tool is a home made job, probably made in the 1930’s. I use to garden for folk, had 12 gardens at that time great fun, I had a really lovely old lady who I am sure only wanted me there for tea cake and a chat, which I never refused . But one day she gave me a tool which her husband made her and that was a hand fork attached to a beautifully turned long handle, you cannot believe how useful this is.

  2. I agree with your choices and also how important to buy quality. I’m still using some tools my father passed on to me…. as well as his love of gardening.

  3. I am not a very good gardner — but not for lack of trying. I probably have every garden tool on the market. I guess overkill might be just one more reason I struggle with my garden every year. Love your blog.

  4. You are so right! I have almost no yard at all so i tried to do a kitchen garden with herbs in big pots last year but in the end the constant watering and dry spells managed to kill everything, so i had to start over from scratch this year. I decided to grow food (herbs ) not a flower bed and am trying to get a new set established as permanent beds. But with the weather going directly from winter to mid-summer over night and skipping spring this year altogether certainly didn’t help much. i have a feeling i will be back here all the time until November lol

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