Rosenstein Park – The English Garden

Rosenstein Park is located in Stuttgart and is considered to be the largest English park in Southwest Germany.
This extremely large park was designed under the supervision of King Wilhelm I of Württemberg. The park was completed in 1840.
Rosenstein Park is a historic monument and provides an ideal setting for relaxing walks.
The park houses the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart and the Wilhelma zoological and botanical garden.

The greenness of the park is amazing. Rosenstein Park has a beautiful view over Bad Cannstatt and the Neckar River.
The park has native and exotic trees.
You will find here chestnut trees, maples and also the California redwood. The rose garden is definitely my favorite. It was designed during the reign of King Karl and is decorated with fountains and statues.

You will find here also a beautiful palace in the middle of the park.
Rosenstein Palace (Schloß Rosenstein) was designed by Giovanni Salucci. The palace was the country seat of Wilhelm I. King Wilhelm had quite an impressive collection of paintings in Rosenstein Palace, but after World War I everything was sold at auction.
Now the Rosenstein Palace houses the Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History.

Let’s take a walk in Rosenstein Park!


17 thoughts on “Rosenstein Park – The English Garden

  1. Please allow me to thank you for sharing this beautiful blog. It brings back great unforgettable memories. Rosenstein Park is regarded as the largest English park in Southwest Germany. Old trees and spacious meadows give the quiet park a special touch where visitors are invited to go on long walks.

    The park was designed between the years 1824 and 1840 under the supervision of King Wilhelm I of Württemberg. He also engaged in the construction of the Rosenstein Palace (today the Museum of Natural History) located on the south side of the park.

  2. Andrea, thank you so much for sharing Rosenstein Park with us today! We will be sure to visit this beautiful park the next time we visit friends in southwest Germany. Recently, we visited the beautiful gardens at Schwetzingen palace. So pretty!

    • I have seen the Schwetzingen Palace, but I am sure it is also beautiful.
      Rosenstein Park is my favorite, because my sister lives 5 minutes away from the park 🙂

  3. Ooh, I don’t know this one…I’ve been to a couple of landscape gardens in the East of Germany, namely Wörlitzer Park (which was inspired by Stowe and Painshill, so I am told) and Puckler Park (Muskauer)

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