The Beauty of Yellow Lilies

Yellow is definitely not my favorite color, but I am simply amazed by my beautiful yellow lilies.

Lilies are perennial plants and belong to the family Liliaceae.
There are many types of lilies and you can find them in different colors: white, yellow, orange, pink, red or purple. White lilies symbolize purity and good luck in Japan, tiger lilies symbolize wealth and majesty, orange lilies symbolize passion and Easter lily is a symbol of Virgin Mary.
Asiatic lilies are the easiest to grow, because they can grow in any type of soil and prefer warm and cold weather. Oriental lilies have a sweet fragrance and they prefer a slightly acidic soil. Lilies can grow from 2 to 6 feet in height and have large flowers with 6 tepals.
All types of lilies need a well drained soil.
Do not let them stand in water, because the bulbs will rot.

Did you know that some species can be used as food?
For example, tiger lily is edible by humans. But be aware that lilies are toxic to cats. Lilies could cause renal failure in cats.
Lilies were used in the traditional Asian medicine of the treatment of toxicities and depressions.

Lilies add color and beauty to any garden!
Which is your favorite lily?

Yellow lilyYellow lilyYellow lilyYellow lilyYellow lilyYellow lily

8 thoughts on “The Beauty of Yellow Lilies

  1. I love lilies, but mine seem to be plagued by the lily beetle. Last year they stripped all the foliage away so I cut the flowers, added some other greenery, and brought them indoors. I was at Hampton Court Flower Show a few years back looking at a stunning display by one of the nurseries, when I man standing next to me said, what a wonderful smell, I wonder where that is coming from?

  2. I like yellow flowers – particularly the soft yellow found in flowers such as primroses. I was told by a professional gardener that yellow flowers aren’t popular with women so he doesn’t grow many of them!

    I discovered a few days ago that asparagus is a type of lily. It has made me look at it in a completely different light!

    • I am not a huge fan of yellow, but I have a few yellow flowers in my garden: lilies, roses, primroses, coreopsis, daffodil and pansies. I find them really beautiful and they add color to my garden 🙂

  3. Several groupings of yellow lilies started blooming in my yard this week. I recently purchased my home and didn’t know what they were going to be when they popped up some weeks ago! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my rosebush post.

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