How to Grow Graceful White Delphinium

Delphiniums are beautiful perennial plants, known also as “larkspurs”.
Delphiniums are native throughout the Northern Hemisphere and come in a variety of colors: white, pink, red, blue or purple. These flowers belong to the Rananculaceae family and there are over 400 species.

My white delphiniums are the miracle of each early summer.
I started to grow them a few years ago and they add a cottage feel to my garden. The pure white flowers grow on tall spikes and they can grow up to 6 feet in height.
Delphiniums need a well-drained and fertile soil. They prefer full sun, but do not like hot and dry summers. It is recommended to water them once a week. You should know also that delphiniums do not like sudden wind, because their flowers can easily break. So, maybe it is not a bad idea to plant your delphiniums in front of stone walls.
Delphiniums are easy to grow and they are excellent cut flowers.

What should you do after delphiniums have finished blooming?
Simply cut flower stalks to the ground and you will see that new stalks will develop.

Let’s grow luxurious white delphinium!
White delphiniumWhite delphiniumWhite delphiniumWhite delphiniumWhite delphinium

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