How to Grow Pink Roses

Who doesn’t love roses?

My pink roses are beautiful and graceful.
Pink roses do not have just a pretty color, they symbolize grace, gentility, happiness and joy.

Roses prefer slightly acidic to neutral soil.
It is recommended to plant the roses where they will have at least 5 hours or full sun per day. Be aware that roses do not like to be crowded. Before you plant them, you should keep your roses in water.
Prune your roses in the spring and cut off the diseased or dead canes. You should not prune your roses in the fall. Roses can be moved in spring or fall, but definitely not in summer, because they might die. You should dig a very big planting hole (approx.15 to 18 inches wide) and it is recommended to add compost or aged manure.

Roses need to be watered regularly.
Usually I water them 3 times a week, but I do not let them sit in water, because roses can die if the soil is too wet.
Mulch is very important for your roses. Mulch helps to reduce stress, conserve water and encourage healthy growth.

There are several varieties of pink roses: shrub roses, miniature roses, climbing roses, heirloom roses and landscape roses.
Shrub roses such as Carefree Wonder are 3 feet tall and are well-rounded. Pink miniature roses include varieties like Crazy Dottie, Baby Cheryl, Magic Carousal, Live Wire and Rosie. Climbing roses include Aloha, Abraham Darby, Handel, New Dawn, Viking Queen and Zepherine Drouhin. Heirloom roses are highly fragrant and include varieties like Cabbage Rose, Eglantyne and Old Blush. Landscape roses include Bonica, Magic Carpet, Oso Easy and Pink Knockout.

Unfortunately, roses are vulnerable to many pests and diseases, such as: powdery mildew, stem borers, aphids, Japanese beetles, caterpillars, red spider mite.
Try to remove dead leaves and canes, because this could reduce pests.

Keep your pink roses healthy!

Pink rosesPink rosesPink rosesPink rosesPink roses

18 thoughts on “How to Grow Pink Roses

  1. Andrea, your pink roses are lovely! I don’t grow roses in my garden, but my mom loves to grow roses. ♡ Wishing you happy days in the garden!

  2. I have Knockout roses and love the color they add to my front yard. They don’t really have a fragrance, so I am considering adding some more roses to my yard. You have pretty roses!

  3. Andrea, why can’t you prune roses in the fall? My uncle always says to prune them in the fall and our rose garden has been around since my grandmother planted them 30 years ago. I just want to make sure they survive now that I’m taking care of them thanks

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