Areca Palm – My Favorite Air Purifying Plant

Did you know that every home is full of toxins?
The three major toxins in your home are:

• Benzene
• Formaldehyde
• Trichloroethylene

How to get rid of toxins?
The good news is that you do not have to invest in electrical air purifiers, because it’s enough to have an air purifying plant in your home.

The Areca Palm is my favorite air purifying plant and according to NASA’s research, this plant is the “the most effective air humidifier”. The Areca Palm removes CO2 and converts it into O2.
This palm is one of the most graceful plants and it is known also as butterfly palm or yellow palm.

Areca palms prefer bright sunlight. Too much light will scorch the leaves and not enough light will slow growth. They prefer a room with normal humidity and room temperatures not lower than 55°F (12.7°C).
The small and white/ cream flowers are produced all year long.

The Areca Palm is very easy to grow and to maintain.
You need to use a well-drained and aerated potting soil mix. Do not overwater them, because this could kill your beautiful palm.
Re-pot the palm only if it is necessary (every three years).

Let’s purify the air!

Areca PalmAreca PalmAreca PalmAreca Palm

16 thoughts on “Areca Palm – My Favorite Air Purifying Plant

  1. I need more purified air in my house so this plant sounds perfect. Do you know if it is harmful to cats? My cats will be checking it out and probably taste testing it.

  2. Wow great info. I have a bunch of these but never knew they rated that high on in air purifying. Thanks! 🙂

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