Cats and Gardening

Some people love cats and others simply hate them.
I belong to the first group. I have 6 cats and I really love them. And all are fabulous!

Although I love them, cats in the garden it’s quite a delicate problem. When cats “use” your neighbor’s garden, then you have a big problem.
My cats aren’t like my dog. I can’t keep them away from the garden!

The garden is the perfect place for cats to play or roll and to do their business. What can you do to keep your cats out of your neighbor’s garden?
The best solution is to make your garden attractive to your cats, so that they won’t need to check out your neighbor’s garden.
For example, you can plant catnip, which is the favorite plant of cats.

Catnip drive cats crazy. Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a relative of spearmint and oregano, and has a really powerful effect on cats. When a cat smells this herb, you will see the cat will start rolling, rubbing and flipping.

I am sure that your cats will adore your garden!

CatsCatsCats and gardeningCats and gardeningCats and gardening

22 thoughts on “Cats and Gardening

  1. How can any cat resist their own jungle of greeny growth to roam and hide in….can you blame them? We no longer have our old cat Morris and miss seeing him lying amongst the plants. I think there should be room for everyone in the garden….cat included.

  2. We have four cats and a large enough garden for all. But they do roam and hunt in other places. I remember having catnip in a previous garden and they lived it. Thank you for reminding me. It will be the first thing we buy at Stansted.

  3. Thanks for the like! As a cat lover I completely understand and agree with you. We have found that growing the catnip in our garden makes the cats happy and wacky and they completely forget that they wanted to literally dig in the garden! Win-win for us!

  4. I have 6 cats too! Love them to fur kids! If you keep cats strictly inside, then they can’t get into the neighbors garden, hit by a car, stolen for animal research, abused by cruel people, etc–inside is best, I really can’t see it any other way, without fateful consequences.

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