How to Grow Colorful Sweet William

Sweet William is a beautiful perennial/biennial plant and has the botanical name of Dianthus barbatus. Sweet William is an old-fashioned plant, which makes our garden even more beautiful from late spring to early summer.
It is said that Sweet William was named after William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (1721-1765).

This plant is reaching heights of 12-15 inches and has a sweet and relaxing fragrance.
Sweet William should be planted in partial shade or full sun. This popular plant prefers a well-drained, alkaline soil and looks gorgeous in garden beds or borders. Sweet William comes in many different colors: white, pink and shades of red.

Sweet William is easy to grow and care. Do not forget to water them often and to fertilize in spring and summer.
You can propagate Sweet William by stem cuttings, division or seeds. If you choose to plant seeds directly in your garden, the beautiful flowers will appear only next year. There are many varieties of Sweet William: Pinocchio, Wee Willie, Giant Imperial, Heart Attack, Hollandia, Sooty, Amazon, Cinderella Mix.

Sweet William is an excellent cut flower.
I have a gorgeous bouquet in my office and it makes my day!

Sweet WilliamSweet WilliamSweet WilliamSweet WilliamSweet WilliamSweet William

15 thoughts on “How to Grow Colorful Sweet William

  1. It did take 2 years for my Sweet William to bloom, but about an impression when it did. Thanks for the post. I did not know that you could do root divisions…so like when do you do that fall or spring?

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