Perennial versus Annual Flowers

Do you know the difference between perennial and annual flowers?
If not, here is a short explanation for you.

You might have noticed that some of your plants have to be planted each spring and other plants grow by themselves.
Perennial flowers live for more than 2 years and annual flowers live only 1 year. Perennial flowers will grow 3 to 5 five years, until they reach maturity. Annual flowers grow from seed and die in the same year, so they need to be replanted each spring.

Facts about perennial flowers:
• It is possible that they will not bloom in the first year
• They can divided in 2 categories: deciduous perennials and evergreen perennials
• Perennials have bulbs and rhizomes
• They bloom only for a short period (1-3 weeks)
• Perennials can be grown from seeds or cuttings

Some examples of perennial flowers: asters, campanula, geraniums, hostas, lilies, peonies, snapdragons, tulips.

Facts about annual flowers:
• They bloom from spring until autumn
• Annual flowers are spectacular and come in diverse colors, attract butterflies and hummingbirds
• They can be divided into cool season and warm season
• Annual flowers come in different forms and heights
• They are easy to grow from seed

Some examples of annual flowers: calendula, gazania, lisianthus, impatiens, marigolds, petunias, vinca, zinnias.

The good news is that you do not have to choose one, because perennial and annual flowers can be combined in your amazing garden.

Yellow lilyStar of Bethlehem PansiesSnapdragonCampanula

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