Splendid Chill Out Zone in Basel

Basel is Switzerland’s third largest city and my favorite city to visit.
There are so many things I love about Basel. I like that Basel is divided by the Rhine in two amazing parts and that this city has many sweet shops, street cafés, patisseries and the oldest museum in Switzerland.

But there is one place in Basel I like the most.
The Tinguely Fountain is also knows as “Carnaval” or “Fasnachts-Brunnen”. The Tinguely Fountain was designed by the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely, who focused his work on kinetic arts and metamechanics. The Tinguely Fountain was created in 1977 and is a really inventive work.
Jean Tinguely was born in Fribourg and created a fun and unique fountain, with metal sculptures and machines moving together in a pool of water. The Tinguely Fountain is situated south of Barfüsserplatz and is the new symbol for Basel.
You will be fascinated by the amazing sculptures. The names of these sculptures are: dr Theaterkopf, d’Spinne, dr Waggler, d’Fontääne, dr Spritzer, dr Suuser, dr Wäädel, dr Schuufler, s’Seechter, dr Querpfyffer.

“There is no death! Death only exists for those who cannot accept evolution. Everything changes. Death is a transition form movement to movement. Death is static. Death is movement. Death is static. Death is movement.”
* Jean Tinguely

Enjoy the moving sculptures!

Tinguely FountainTinguely FountainTinguely FountainTinguely FountainTinguely FountainTinguely Fountain

21 thoughts on “Splendid Chill Out Zone in Basel

  1. Splendid! This really makes my historical archaeology sense tingle. There’s nothing quite like the successful merging of art, artifacts, and interesting biographical information. It’s almost as if the artist were signing the fountain with his personality, his special knowledge of mechanics. This was a delicious piece to read. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I lived in Basel in the 1060s before the fountains. It was a magnificent city and I loved living there.
    The festival at the beginning of Spring was very special when everyone dressed up! I think there might be one of this artists work in Zurich by the lake. There is a kinetic sculpture there that is fascinating too!

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