The Magical Grotta Azzurra

The island of Capri is the most beautiful islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, with many attractions to explore.
No words can describe the amazing Grotta Azzura in Capri Island. The Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) is a 60 m long and 25 m wide cavity.

The Grotta Azzurra was the favorite place of Emperor Tiberius.
Initially, the Grotta Azzurra was avoided because people thought it was haunted by evil spirits.
It was rediscovered in 1826 by August Kopisch (a German poet and painter) and Ernst Fries (a German painter) with the help of a fisherman, Angelo Ferraro.

You need optimum conditions to visit the cave, such as: clear sky, water transparency and a diffused sunlight.
You can enter the cave by taking one of the small boats. The opening is very narrow, so you will have to lie on the bottom of the boat until you get into the amazing grotto. When the boatman will begin to sing for you, you will be amazed by the acoustics of the grotto.

It is very easy to reach the Grotta Azzurra.
We stayed in Anacapri and we decided to take the bus from Anacapri, from the terminal at Viale De Tommaso. You can take also a walk along Viale T. de Tommaso, Via Pagliaro and Via Grotta Azzurra (approx.3.5 km – 50 minutes).

The visit will be a unique experience and you will be fascinated by the intense blue inside the Grotta Azzurra.

Grotta AzzurraGrotta AzzurraGrotta AzzurraGrotta AzzurraGrotta AzzurraGrotta AzzurraGrotta Azzurra

28 thoughts on “The Magical Grotta Azzurra

  1. Capri chiar ca e cea mai frumoasa dintre insule! ce vezi acolo iti va ramane intiparit in minte toata viata! cat iti scriu mi-a venit in minte mirosul de mare si mirosul de portocali! prea frumos! xx

  2. I spent 3 days in Capri 10 years ago. I stayed at the top of the island, and looked down upon those beautiful blues. That whole area of Italy is so intensely gorgeous.

  3. This post has made my day. My mother, nearly bedridden and unable to travel anymore told me of a place she wanted to visit but was never able to, she asked to go for her. She told of a cavern with beautiful blue water and of boatmen singing in the unique acoustics, a place called the Blue Grotto. But I thought she said it was in Greece. When I was able to travel I searched for this place and could never find it, probable because I was searching in Greece. It’s been nearly 40 years since I heard her tell this story. I’m so excited to see it really does exist and to see such beautiful photos. My mom’s been gone over 25 years but my dream of visiting the Blue Grotto never diminished. Thank you. It goes to show, you never know how the things you post will affect someone else.

    • Wow, that’s a great story!
      I am so happy that I helped you a little bit. I hope you will visit soon the real Blue Grotto and that you will post about your experience. It’s almost unbelievable that you are dreaming about it for so many years 🙂

      • I can imagine that! I can’t wait to return to Capri…everything is amazing there, not just the Blue Grotto. I was fascinated also by Villa San Michele, Monte Solaro, Via Krupp 🙂

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