Interesting Facts About Zinnia

Zinnias are beautiful colored flowers belonging to the Asteraceae family.
Zinnias represent friendship and they were named after Johann Gottfried Zinn, a German botanist.

Although they are popular cut flowers, the Spanish considered them ugly and small. They even named it “mal de ojos” (sickness of the eye). Zinnias were also named as “poorhouse flower” because they are easy to grow and so common.
Zinnias are native southwestern United States and South America.
Zinnias come in a variety of colors: white, yellow, orange, pink, red, lilac, purple and multi-colored. They are very easy to grow and can be grown from seed. Zinnias prefer a well-drained soil and should be planted in full sun. My beautiful zinnias bloom from mid-summer until late fall. Zinnias can have single, semi-double or double layers of petals.

Zinnias can be sown directly in the garden. Do not forget to water them well every week, especially when zinnias are young. It is recommended to plant them in masses.
Zinnias respond well to deadheading. Remove the dead or faded flower heads and you will increase the flower production.

Zinnias will attract butterflies to your garden.


16 thoughts on “Interesting Facts About Zinnia

  1. Love zinnias, but don’t have a lot of success growing them…they do inspire my textile work though…I have a doorstop on one of my posts using silk and machine embroidery… 🙂

  2. I think zinnias are such cheerful and exuberant flowers. I like to have them in with my vegetables as well as in my flower beds. I have a teepee trellis with a peach zinnia at its base. I am happy to include them because they are pretty and attract pollinators.

  3. I have grown Zinnias here in Italy for the first time, I saw a pack of seeds for 49 cents and thought I’ll give them a go. I’ve had prolonged flowering and they have been brilliant in among the vegetable plot attracting pollinating insects. I’ll certainly grow these again.

  4. Isn’t it strange how being common influences people’s opinion? Some plants that we call weeds are pretty. [In common (non-drug-related) usage, “weed” seems to mean plant that people don’t like.]

    • Weeds are plants growing where people don’t want them to.

      Star of Bethlehem is a native wildflower plant here and my neighbor asked me when I was going to mow them. I told him that I would mow when they quit blooming because I like the little white blossoms, He insisted that they are a weed and should be eradicated. *I* insisted that I like them and, therefore, they are not weeds.

  5. Zinnias are my all time favorite flowering plant. They are so easy, and they attract butterflies like crazy! They are also perfect for cut flowers in the house, because the more that you cut them the more they flower.

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