Amazing Cactus Garden

Last month we visited some friends who decided to move outside the city.
Their house is lovely, but the thing I like the most is their amazing cactus garden.

Cactus belongs to the family Cactaceae and is known as a succulent. Cactus plants are native to the Americas and there are about 2000 varieties. Cactus lives generally in dry places such as deserts, but the Rhipsalis baccifera can be found in tropical Africa, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.
The cactus is an amazing and complicated plant because it manages to collect its water using the roots, stems and leaves. The water is not clear, it looks more like a thick viscous liquid.
Cactus plants can be found in different shapes, colors and forms.
The leaves can be silvery-grey, covered in a white bloom, waxy or hairy. The flowers are quite big and can be found in a variety of colors: yellow, pink or red. Some flowers bloom for many days and other could die within a day.

Cactus plants are great houseplants and they are very easy to grow and to maintain. These plants should be planted in a mixture of sand and soil. Cactus plants appreciate sunlight exposure.
Do not forget to water then regularly, but do not overwater them.

What is your favorite cactus?


17 thoughts on “Amazing Cactus Garden

  1. Wow! That’s amazing! I appreciate this living the low desert of Arizona. I need to move some shurbs away from the foundation (termites love water) and replace with a cactus garden. Your post is helpful! Thanks.

  2. My favorite succulent has always been jade plant. My grandmother’s yard in San Diego was full of jade plant bushes. I remember helping her trim them back.

  3. We keep quite a few cacti. During the winter they live in the conservatory but in the summertime they go out to the greenhouse or even into the garden. An interesting post. Thank-you for visiting my blog again.

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