Blooming Period In My Garden

My flowering trees are simply amazing.
They transform the garden and their blossoms will delight our senses.

My trees produce masses of blooms in the spring and they attract pollinators. Bees are grateful and they travel from blossom to blossom.

I grow about 3 different varieties of apple in my garden. They have pure white blossoms, flushed with pink.

My peach and nectarine trees flower very early and I am always fascinated by their bloom. Actually they are the center-piece of my garden. They are grateful appearance with their pink blossoms.

Plum trees bring also beauty and color to my garden.
Plum blossoms have five petals and come in various shades of pink and white.

Flowering trees are the sign of spring!


30 thoughts on “Blooming Period In My Garden

  1. I LOVE blossom! Have just been out to check on tHe progress of my little Apple tree..late, this year, I think, but the buds are just beginning to unfurl…..

  2. Every garden should have them, it should be the law, especially for front garden 🙂 and then just imagine what a street would look like in spring! Wonderful!

    • Adevarat a inviat! Eu am sarbatorit putin mai devreme Pastele Catolic, dar ne-am bucurat si de aceste zile, mai ales ca am avut vreme mult mai frumoasa :-).
      O primavara frumoasa iti doresc si tie!
      Te pup :-*

      • Ah! N-am stiut! Si ai dreptate, vremea chiar a fost de partea noastra! In sfarsit putin soare!
        Ma bucur sa vad ca postezi iar!
        Cheer up and happy blogging… and gardening!😊
        Te pup cu drag!

  3. Wow! Truly beautiful indeed. I would probably spend most of my time in my garden if I have some flowering trees like yours. It brings such joy and appreciation. Thanks for sharing. ❤

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